Blu-ray has recently pulled ahead of competing format HD-DVD. What's all the hype about?


It's the link to the best possible resolution. How is that? What does HDMI even stand for?

TV Time

Remote Control

TVs have changed so much in the last decade it's difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest. Nearly everyone is getting to the point with their standard TV's life cycle where they're looking into the world of HDTV- whether or not they're a willing participant. There are serious choices to be made because they can cost a bundle. Our guide to all the latest TV technologies will help you determine which choice is best for you. You certainly don't have to spend big, especially if you're not interested in the latest features in HD. If you're happy with standard definition television or have the room for CRT, this is the best time to buy. They're cheaper than ever, with quality unlike what you've ever seen before.

Handheld Gizmos

Handheld gizmos and wearable gadgets are the latest craze. Maybe you've seen them on TV or read about them on the web, but still aren't exactly sure what you do with an iPod shuffle. Gizmo Cafe can help you get started ripping music to your MP3 library like an old pro- just check our MP3 player section. Handheld computing with Pocket PCs or personal data assistants isn't just for businessmen anymore. Windows Mobile 5 compatible devices give you access to all the powerful desktop multimedia utilities so you can do your work and stay in touch while on the road. Even Palm is getting in on Win Mobile's action.


It's an exciting time for mobile technologies. Cell phones stand poised to take over handheld computing with Smartphones and take out conventional MP3 and mobile media players. Even iPods and other mobile media players armed with huge capacity drives and all the playback functionality you enjoy are at risk. But the price needs to come down, and there is the small matter of the battery not being nearly sufficient to really compete with the average MP3 player. Sorry Motorola, maybe next year.

Wireless Media Servers

It's a wireless world the consumer electronics manufacturers are transmitting; are you receiving the joy? Homes armed with wireless routers are the in thing. With prices falling on digital media players, it is easy to setup communications with centralized household servers running Windows Media Center to serve up all your entertainment on a wireless platter. Every year brings more clever ways to use the internet and wireless technologies in the home.

Wireless Media

Many of these new uses for gizmos in the home are superfluous and we might even say stupid. Wiring your household with iPort by Sonance is an example of something that takes iPod mania overboard. The iPort is expensive and wiring your house for sound dedicated to a single brand of audio player- not a wise investment if you're interested in wiring your home for sound. In a few years, the iPort will look like a giant metal satellite dish in your front yard.

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