The Nevo Universal Remote Control

Finding Nevo: Form & Function

Universal Electronics Inc. is a small American company from Illinois that has been quietly making Universal Remote controls since 1986. The Nevo is UEI’s flagship remote, a slick little device that has garnered respect in the industry as one of the finest Universal Remotes made. The Nevo has been awarded editor’s choice from a variety of publications and has received recognition at both CEDIA and CES in 2005. The Nevo still has an understated presence in the world of universal remote controls, probably because of its lofty price. It’ll cost you about $800 to sport a new Nevo, so only the bourgeois of home entertainment will be looking to purchase one of these devices. If there was ever a candidate for the finest, best looking, and most powerful Universal Remote control ever, this would be on the short list.

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What do you get for the princely sum?

The Nevo is in a lot of ways a sophisticated PDA that has been marketed as a remote. It has a 3.5" color touch–screen LCD. Nevo has a slide-out stylus you can use to navigate in case you have fat fingers. There are a multitude of customizable options on the display, e.g. you can download themes from UEI and give you Nevo a different look and feel. The set up of the Nevo is easy and takes a page from the Logitech Harmony 880, which is programmed through your PC. However, the wireless 802.11b features make this an over–the –top remote. Using Nevo’s wi-fi connection to your household router network, you can use it to control PCs, media servers, and other wi-fi aware devices. This cream of the Universal Remote crop runs on Windows CE.NET 4.2. Moreover, since UEI has a history with this operating system, there is a giant library of support from an enthusiastic community that is compatible with this device.

What can be said for the styling? The attractive blue LCD glow and metallic silver finish, in conjunction with its smooth contours, seems to invite your hands to caress it and hold it.