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Dutch Company Could be Taking Away the Universal Remote Market

Philips or Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands is known for everything from Televisions to kitchen appliances. Philips has a surprisingly deep reach into the Universal Remote control market and offers a wide variety of features that span a wide price range. Just about anyone looking for a Universal Remote can probably find something in the Philips line that fits their needs and budget.

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Today Universal Remotes are getting more and more sophisticated. Simply being able to control multiple devices in your home theater system is small potatoes. With PC programmable devices that are able to connect to the internet, and wi-fi handsets that can stream media directly to you’re audio/video system, Universal Remotes are being redefined. Philips Universal Remotes are reasonably prices and offer a range of features. If money were no object, we’d all just buy an $800 Nevo. That being said, Nevo has competition from Philips in the TSI6400 and its newer iteration the RC9800i.

The TSI400 and RC9800i are Philips high-end Universal Remotes. They have a full color 640 x 480 LCD touch screen and can operate devices through an 802.11b wi-fi network. Philips high-end handsets run Linux and can operate all your IR controlled X-10 devices for a custom Home Theater system. Remotes in this price range (and you can bet there are new ones released all the time) operate like mini-PC companions to your home theater system. The act of simplifying the operation of your entertainment system is just one small job for these devices. Universal Remotes in this price range are capable of streaming media right to your system and can even run home made programs on their operating system. It seems hardly fair to call it a remote control. The TSI6400 and RC9800i cost about the same as Nevo. Where the differences really lie is in styling of these devices. Nevo looks more modern and inviting whereas the Philips widescreen "Multimedia Control Panel" is wide and bulky and shaped like a tablet PC. The Philips "Multimedia Control Panel" is much more cumbersome than Universal Electronic's Nevo.

Philips most popular Universal design is its TSU3000. The TSU3000 costs around $200. This is a sleek looking device, which has a 3.8" blue backlight touch-screen LCD with a 320 x 240 pixel resolution, and connects to your PC via USB 2.0. Universal Remotes with LCD screens are attractive and very popular. These remotes, however, are definitely more expensive than regular plastic button remotes and tend to drain batteries far faster. Philips touch-screen handsets range in price from as low as $150 for the Prontoneo, to as high as a $1000 for the panel remotes like the RC9800i. Philips even makes a unit called the TSU7500, which has the ability to run RF as well IR devices.