Wireless Internet Installation Guide

Because after car accidents, tripping on wires is the second most likely way to die

Wireless internet harkens back to the earliest days of the radio. Yes, it sounds like the two technologies could hardly have anything in common, but those signals reach your ears by completely avoiding some very long extension cords, don't they?

Even with that goofy rationale, it might surprise you to know that radio was initially referred to as "wireless telegraphy", which was eventually shortened to "wireless". If you haven't heard someone refer to the radio as wireless, then you probably haven't visited the British Isles, where the term is still in limited use today.

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Indeed, those of us perusing the Internet's wares through wireless broadband are still employing the technology founded with the radio. Low-level radio waves are used by wireless broadband networks to transmit communication between two or more computers in a limited area. The signals are only so strong; with each step away from the signal – usually emitted by a router – the user loses signal strength and the connection will become weaker, or in the case of an Internet connection, slower. Basically, the further you are away from your wireless router – usually a neighborhood block – the more likely you'll be waiting a good long time for Gizmocafe.com to load up. Don't assume wireless Internet is a perfect solution, because the further you get away, the more it takes on dial-up-like qualities.

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I know, I know. Some of you might not be familiar with some of the terms we've just used, but don't grow weary. We're here to answer some of these questions. Over the next few pages we'll explain:

  • Wireless equipment, including routers and wireless network cards [The Equipment]
  • The connection process [Installation Walkthrough]
  • Various troubleshooting problems and fixes [Troubleshooting FAQ]
  • So, relax. We've got the topic covered, and will make sure that by the time you complete this guide you have the power to show your pals what equipment they'll need to establish a connection, and how to link up. You might even have a few complimentary brewskies slung your way after fixing a friend's wireless problem after reading some typical issues we'll be addressing here.

    And if none of the above makes you a king/queen amongst men/women, then you can always make a witty connection between radio and wireless Internet. It's the stuff of Jeopardy, people!