Wireless Remote Transmitter

Room to room program transmission is a snap

Everything's wireless today! Advances in noise-free wireless controls that use narrow interference-free bandwidths have really taken off. Wireless voice and network connectivity are old news - the latest innovation in wireless are video transmitters. Full television video and audio have been added to the array of wireless options. Consumer electronics companies are now releasing a way to transmit TV within your home. Suppose you have only one cable box in the house but multi TVs. People in another room can now watch what's on by transmitting the complete audio and video from the cable box.

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Kits like Belkin's Pure AV Remote AV55000 can transmit from one box near the source, such as your cable box, and receive at the other side with a mated box that connects to the secondary television. So viewers in another part of the house can watch whatever is being tuned in on the main TV. The 5GHz transmitter is rated up to 350' inside the average home, walls, floors and all. The Belkin is priced, at the time of this writing, around $500. This should be subject to change quickly as there are competing wireless video transmitters available for a fraction of that cost that perform just as well. But Belkin's version might have been one of the first, and Belkin is best known for making high-quality surge protectors for your a/v gear and home.

The RF Link AVS-5811 is a wireless tuner that is priced just around $140 that performs the same job as Belkin's wireless video transmitter. This one transmits at a frequency of 5.8GHz and the send/receive boxes are even smaller than Belkin's.

Wireless audio video transmitters are a handy tool for bringing TV into the multiple rooms from a single source. You'll have to wait awhile to get this in HD, as yet they're not available - but it's likely only a matter of time. The best video format available is S-video for the connections to and from the transmitters, so reserve this for your analogue standard-definition TV's only. Audio from this wireless video transmitter also has its limitations. Currently only two-channel RCA connectors bring sound to the remote TV from either design of wireless video transmitter.