Alpine Car Audio

Alpine: The legend in Car Audio continues

Legendary car audio manufacturer Alpine has been specializing in high quality car stereo gear since 1967. The goal for this Japanese manufacturer was to bring excellence into the field. Alpine is a dedicated mobile media manufacturer. Besides a foray into home audio years ago under the Luxman brand, which was state of the art for its day, Alpine only makes car audio equipment. As a dedicated car stereo manufacturer there are a wide variety of products from Alpine. Besides some of the best head units available they also make high end speakers and subwoofers. Their amps, crossovers, CD changers and other accessories are widely recognized for industry leading technology.

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Alpine's line of CD/MP3 player head units isn't as wide as many other manufacturers. What they have is top notch for its price point, however. You won't find the cheapest equipment in Alpine's line- they don't pretend to go after the budget market. Their least expensive CD player head unit delivers good sound, but for under $200, you get the bare bones in features. At this price range, you'll want to consider what others offer that might include some extra features.

For Alpine to come into its own you have to step into the mid-range head units closer to $300. CD players beginning with the model number CDA include unique iPod integration features. They allow you to control your iPod's music library while it's charging tucked away in your glove box or wherever you can store it within reach of the integration cable. With iPod integration, you do what you would normally do with your iPod's user interface- access play-lists, randomize songs- all through your head unit or its remote control. The iPod compatible head unit will even display song/artist information stored in the MP3 file's metadata.

Alpine Car Audio Product Lines

  • Amps
  • Head Units; CD/MP3/DVD Players
  • CD Changers
  • Crossovers
  • Speakers and Subs
  • Mobile Video overhead and in-dash LCD displays
  • Navigation Systems
  • Marine Audio Speakers.

Few car stereo manufacturers are as complete as Alpine. Among their product lines you'll find anything for car audio and the things that make them go. For mobile media, they have a line of LCD monitors, both overhead and headrest models; perfect for placating cranky kids on long trips. The only products Alpine makes that are held with as much esteem as their head units are Alpine speakers and subs. With the combination of an Alpine deck feeding a multi-channel Alpine amp to power Alpine speakers and sub; you'll have a complete kit containing nothing but Alpine and no compromises.