JVC Car Audio

The Japanese Victor Company has rare offerings for mobile entertainment

JVC is a consumer electronics company that makes some of the more unique offerings for car stereo. Manufacturers like JVC, Panasonic and Sony have an advantage bringing video to the automobile; their home video market gives them a leg up on the competition for making their video mobile.

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JVC specializes in many product lines aimed at competing in the car stereo market, but their CD/DVD player head units are some of the best in the business. If you're on a budget and want a $100 player in your car, you might want to look elsewhere. The bottom of JVC's car stereo receiver product line weighs in at just over $100. Even the low end has some features not common at this price point, like satellite radio compatibility and sub pre-outs.

You don't have to travel far up the JVC product line it to see an in-dash dot matrix display added to a 1 DIN head unit. Certainly there is nothing in an LCD display that makes a CD player sound any better. But the full motion indigo blue display sure does look cool and draws immediate attention to the JVC name plate proudly displayed in your dash.

For under $200, JVC makes the KD-LH810, a unique little CD/MP3 player with an animated LCD display with a personal touch. With JVC's own Personalized Image Capture Technology (PiCT) you can install images and full motion video from a CD-R and upload it to your head unit to give your stereo a unique, personal look. You can even download images from JVC's website. The screen is very customizable. You can set personalized messages for power on-off, custom 3-D displays, up to 90 image slideshows and customized "screen savers". All these unique video features make the JVC head unit an interesting toy, but how does it sound?

This car stereo will deliver 4x19 watts of continuous power and has all the pre-outs you need for off board amplification. CD audio quality is a cinch with the high end Burr-Brown 1-bit D/A converter with 24 bit resolution. If that's not enough, you can even customize your CD quality audio with a built-in 7band EQ. This is clearly one of the most sophisticated car stereo decks made today- expect imitators to start rolling in. Almost all of JVC's car stereo head units are Sirius satellite ready.

JVC also makes one of the finest 1 din wide DVD players on the market. Their player will play back DVDs with full DTS/Dolby Digital encoding on a tiny 3" LCD display. This is on top of decoding MP3s from DVD/R/RW and CD/R/RW using the same 7 band EQ as their other higher end decks.

JVC Car Audio Product Lines

  • 2-Channel Amps
  • Head Units, CD/Cassette/DVD/MP3 players
  • Mobile Video in-dash LCD display
  • CD Changers
  • Speakers
  • Satellite Radio.

One of the most unique specialty items in mobile entertainment is JVC's KD-AV7010, a complete in-car theater system. This head unit includes a detachable 7" full color LCD display with a 16:9 aspect ratio. It decodes Dolby Digtial, DTS and even Dolby Pro-LogicII to let your two channel material turn your car into a virtual music hall. The monitor itself is also a touch screen control for the system.