Online Music Service Roundup

How do you get your music?

Features Cost $
Yahoo Music

Subscription based music service. Low cost alternative to Napster. Impressive list of MP3 players that are PlaysForSure compatible, allow you to take your Yahoo! Music library on the go. $12 a month. Subscribers have the option to download burnable music files for .79 cents each. Yahoo only came out last spring catching its competitor napping and seriously undercut subscription prices. Lots of music search features, and personalized features. Launch Cast commercial free radio is a great add-in bonus. Cheaper than competing subscription based service. Specializes in Indie and underground music. Who wants to listen to music on the PC only? Pay to go is limited to PlaysForSure compatible MP3 players; sorry iPod.

Subscription based music service, continue to pay your monthly fee or lose your music. Napster-to-go allows subscribers to download to PlaysForSure compatible MP3 players. 15 per month. Optional $10 monthly fee for a sub that does without Napster-to-go feature, why bother. Members pay .79 cents per song to download a burnable file. Library of over a million songs. Intuitive playlist generation features, deep online community features. Lots of artist and music information from reviews to bios. Pay to play paradigm, like Yahoo's isn't for everyone. Limited number of Indie artists. Slightly more expensive than nearest competitor Yahoo Music.
Best Buy

Get the immediate satisfaction of uncompressed 16bit/44.1 kHz audio quality. Buy it when recording is released and save some money. Anywhere from $14 to $24 dollars for a current recording. Gets you out of the house. Get the cover art without wasting ink. Nothing beats the smell of unwrapped plastic. You can peruse the price of a new hard drive while you're there. Costs way more than

125x125 iTunes
Apple's juggernaut of an online music service is the top of the online music market. Now includes videos and photos. You too can the same service as Madonna and Fred Durst. yeah right. .99 cent tunes is the staple for the online world. This is your one stop shop, no subscription necessary. Buy the video for $1.99. Anyone can use it even in your underwear. Intuitive search features lots of iTunes exclusive live performances. Apple's DRM is a pain but easy to remove. .99 cents is a bit steep for an MP3 on the best of days.
AllOfMP3 is a Russian music download service. Make the new global economy work for you. Why should only banks and protesters benefit from globalization? Dirt cheap! The average album is only about $3.00 for a 320Kbps. Yes, that's the whole album, not one song. Surprisingly deep library for the cheapest MP3's around. Get discounts for uploading music back to them. Download up to 320Kbps high bit MP3s. No playlists generation to speak of. Stripped down music search and suggested artist features.
Sing along with the Partridge Family

Fatherless family sings sugary sweet, songs. Addictive melodies are easy to sing along to. Now, c'mon get happy. Free. Any TV set and a source for classic TV re-runs are all that's required. Library of hundreds of songs drawn from four years worth of episodes. Susan Dey was a hot babe. Sugary sweetness gets the better of us after awhile. Doesn't stand up to repeated singings.
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