Drones for Personal Use

Drones are one of the hottest new trends in photography. These small aircraft allow you to take aerial photographs from a unique vantage point, flying them high above your subject for a panoramic view. Many people use drones for personal and professional use. These small aircraft are ideal for both video and still photos and can allow you to get a panoramic view of your subject that you can't get from the ground.

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Buying a Drone Camera

The first thing to consider when buying a drone camera is how you plan to use it. There are basic models that are great for casual hobbyists. These models are inexpensive and easy to use. You can take up to seven minutes of video or up to 100 photos without having to recharge the unit.

Advanced models allow you to shoot for a longer period of time and capture higher resolution images and HD video. These models are often higher in cost and can fly for up to 30 minutes between charges.

Know Before You Fly

It pays to know the rules for drone photography before you fly. In most jurisdictions, it is illegal to fly your drone copter higher than 400 feet for recreational use. Do not fly your copter in restricted areas or near airports. If you wish to fly within the boundaries of an airport, you have to get clearance from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

Selecting the Right Drone Copter

In the buying guide, experts recommend starting with a model that includes a built in camera if you plan to use the copter for extended use. One of the features of the basic models is that it can accommodate a GoPro camera or other small camera modified to fit the copter.

Using Drone Photography

There are many situations that drones can enhance. If you are taking photos of an event like a wedding, it helps to capture the event from above for an aerial view. These copters are also valuable in photographing action, like at a sporting event or of children playing. In the commercial arena, they are often used in real estate, surveying, research, journalism and conservation.

When it comes to capturing one of a kind images and videography, there are few cameras that can capture the depth that a drone can. These cameras come in a wide range of prices with features that will meet every need.