What Do You Need for a Home Theater?

The key to building a quality home theater is knowing exactly how to build one. Luckily, the rest isn't so hard. With this buying guide, the guesswork has fortunately been taken out of getting your set-up ready. These are the types of electronics you will need to finally build the home theater of your dreams.

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A Quality Television

Anyone would agree that a beautiful television image is the central draw of any home theater. Many modern televisions are equipped with high definition imaging technology, and some are even capable of offering 3D experiences.

Input Sources

Common input equipment used in home theaters include DVD and Blu-ray players, cable boxes, and gaming consoles. Generally speaking, the higher the quality of input device, the better the image and audio you will experience from your theater.

Receiver Equipment

The powerhouse of your home theater system will ultimately be your receiver. The receiver is responsible for processing your audio (and possibly video) signals and routing them to your peripheral devices. If you choose to let your receiver manage both audio and video signals, all you'll need to do to switch between inputs is press a few buttons on the receiver or associated remote control.

Subwoofer and Speakers

The only true way to get that rich booming and excitement from your home theater is to equip it with an advanced subwoofer and speakers. Five speakers at the least will be required to achieve true surround sound. You will also need to strategically place these devices in your living room or den to ensure optimal sound and experience.

Wiring and Cables

From a basic standpoint, your home theater will need audio/video and speaker cables. You might even already have these cables lying around your house unused. If you're going to use the wiring that came packaged with your home theater equipment or even cables you have in your home, be sure they are of high quality. Nothing will kill a home theater's sound faster than cheap or old speaker cables.

Universal Remote

Of course, nothing will complete your theater like a universal remote. With this special type of remote, you won't have to worry about fumbling through 5 different remotes to control your various living room devices. With a universal remote, you can control your theater receiver, television, cable box, media players, and other devices straight from a single remote.