Selecting Between the Spectrum of Windows Computers

Laptops running Microsoft Windows are really running the gamut three days from hybrids like Microsoft Surface to a variety of other options going from devices that cost under $200 to those that cost thousands. Here's some information about the spectrum.

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Windows Pros and Cons

If you decide to go with a PC laptop, there are definitely some ups and downs to consider. On the upside is the fact that you will be likely doing pretty well when it comes to price versus value. For example, there are brands like HP that put out computers like the HP Stream that can run a full operating system while still only costing a little over or a little under $200, depending on what specs and functions you want.

The amazing thing about PC computers like the HP Stream is that you still get a good browsing computer with 2 GB of Ram that can run just about any video and most baseline software but for a tiny fraction of what other computers with the same features cost.

You also end up getting more for the money in many cases than what you get with Chromebooks that can literally do nothing but run the Chrome browser along with whatever plugins go with it. The downside to Windows is that they don't tend to be as flashy or portable as some other options. It's hard to beat Apple in that department, after all.


The Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro is an example of a major trend in the industry towards letting people convert between a laptop and a tablet based on what makes sense for them in whatever situation. In the case of the Yoga, it works by allowing you to bend the screen all the way back until it's flat against the base.

But, there are a variety of other options for hybrid conversion as well. For example, the Surface Pro line has the keyboard in the form of a soft case covering so that you can still use it as a laptop, but if you take the case off, you can immediately use it as a tablet. Other hybrids have a hard keyboard that you can detach completely when you want to go into tablet mode. But the hard keyboard makes it so that you can still put the keyboard in your lap and get the full laptop experience whenever you want.