Creating the Ultimate Surround Sound Experience

Most enjoy social events, and when you make the investment in the latest surround sound system technology being made available by popular companies such as Sony, Bose, and Pioneer, you can feature the system that provides for the ultimate experience. Whether you are a movie buff or like to host Superbowl parties that make guests feel as though they made the investment in front row tickets, you can create an audio experience that will mimic the one you get in the theater.

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Go Wireless

Wires used to put limitations on how far homeowners could go with their surround sound system. Not only could they hinder how far they could separate their various speakers from the source, but they also could create a disheveled look in the room. Sony offers a variety of wireless devices essential to the modern system including:

  • HTCT260H Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer
  • MDRHW700DS 9.1-Channel Wireless Headphones
  • Surround Sound System Bluetooth Wireless 2200W Home Theater LED

Sound Bar Vs. Multichannel Sound System

As you set up your system, one of the considerations you'll have to make is whether you want to pursue a sound bar or multichannel unit. To make this choice easier, the first thing you need to consider is the size of the area you're equipping. For example, those living in small living quarters such as apartments can save money and suffice with a sound bar. This option provides a higher quality of definition and is easy to set up.

However, if you own a home and want to invest the money necessary to create the ultimate viewing experience, a multichannel system is the way to go. You can utilize a 5.1 channel set-up that provides front left, center and right, rear left and right sound. However, if your budget allows, you could even choose to implement a 7.1 channel system that goes a step further with the inclusion of two extra speakers.

Make the Experience Your Own

We all have our own preferences. With the variety of products made available by popular audio companies, you can implement all the features that are important to you and best capture your idea of the ideal audio/visual experience. When you use this buying guide to help you shop for the best items to purchase, you're just one step closer to creating the entertainment environment that will be the envy of all your friends and family.