The Best Performing HDTVs to Consider for Your Home Theater

Finding the right television as your center is the most important aspect of designing your home theater, and you can save yourself lots of time and debate with the right buying guide. Following is a list of HDTVs that offer some of the best quality you can find.

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Vizio M65-C1 UHD LED/LCD

Vizio's M Series lineup shows an improvement from previous generations, and its new models have been enhanced to Ultra HD resolution. Models in this series feature a full LED backlight system with local dimming. The M65-C1 has 32 dimming zones that allow for more precise fine shading and reduced halo effect around bright objects. The video processing on this model produces finely detailed images no matter the video source, and there is little noise. The price for the 70 to 80-inch size models ranges from $1,999.99 to $3,999.99 while that for the standard 65-inch is just $1,500.

LG 77EG9700

Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology is the most impressive development in HDTV performance in years, and LG is one of the few manufacturers constantly working with it. Their high performance televisions are now ultra-high definition (aka UHD or 4K). These models produce exceptionally sharp and clear images that show the finest details, and the TVs come with loads of features. In addition to its incredibly fine detail, the LG 77EG9700 model produces perfect black levels that ensure amazing color contrast.


Many modern Vizio models excel due to the fact that they offer great performance and excellent features for surprisingly low prices. Televisions in the M Series offer Web apps, built-in WiFi, USB playback and more. Models over 50 inches include Smooth Motion technology to reduce blur, a 240Hz refresh rate, passive 3D capability and up to eight included pairs of 3D glasses. The benefit of the M551D-A2R model is its clean display free of most digital noise along with its Signal Noise Reduction control that can make images even sharper.


One of the advantages of the EM55FTR is its Roku Streaming Stick that comes included to offer full access to Roku's content channels. The performance of this model is surprising where its black level is concerned. Despite its low cost, the JVC EM55FTR offers a good black level while still providing enough brightness resulting in balanced contrast. It is also capable of accurately displaying bright colors against neutral or similarly bold backgrounds.