The Benefits of Using GPS Watches for Pacing and Calorie Counting

One of the main benefits of a GPS watch such as Garmin is that you can get a complete picture of everything you're doing exercise-related automatically without a lot of micromanaging. Here are a few reasons that GPS watches can be beneficial for a wide number of people.


If you have a certain pace in mind for your running exercise, a GPS watch can be a real boon. You can figure out exactly how fast you're going each time you run, and you can also figure out what your pace is while you're running through a quick glance.

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This way you know whether you need to speed up in order to hit your pace. If you want to be particular enough about your pace you could even find that it's necessary for you to slow down. This could be useful if you know that a particular pace is going to tire you out too much, for example. One way that this is useful is if you need to be tracking your pace because you intend to participate in a race like a marathon, for example.


In situations where you are running in a marathon or another similar race, being able to tell your location on a map if you're simulating the race ahead of time can be intensely useful. It can also be helpful if you want to get home in a hurry as well. Another case where GPS watches are helpful is if you are carefully monitoring your health through metrics such as calories burned.

You can really only do the vaguest of estimates for this if you try the procedure without a watch. But if you do use a watch, then you can get a much more accurate picture of how you're doing in terms of burning off calories through a particular time period.

It's also possible with this technology to get a lot more specific in terms of how you're doing versus particular conditions. For example, if you have the ability to track yourself through GPS, then this means that you also have the ability to use other tools like smart phones to correlate other data such as weather patterns and information for your region. For example, if there's a headwind in your area, this is something that you should account for when you're looking at your time around the map. It could also matter for calories burned.