Finding the Best Desktop for You: Four Things to Look For From Microsoft

Microsoft offers essential operating systems for individuals and businesses. What you may not know is that Microsoft also has a line of computers from different manufacturers such as HP and Lenovo. All of Microsoft's computers run in a Windows environment. All Microsoft computers are not the same in features, specifications or display perimeters. Internet speed and memory specifications differ greatly between computers. The best desktop will have at least 23 inch monitor and sharp image projection. It will also have the right specs to handle applications and create memory storage.

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  • Windows environment- Most Microsoft desktops run in a Windows 8.1 environment with plans to upgrade to a better environment with more features.
  • Applications-Microsoft offers many applications for their environment. Some applications run really well with desktops that have big screens while others work best with small screens. Gaming applications do well with desktops that have excellent graphics programs. The MSI 24GE 2QE-017 Signature Edition Gaming All-In-One is a featured product in the Microsoft line of desktops.
  • Display and specifications-Microsoft's screens on their desktops run from 23 inches to 27 inches with the common denominator being 23 inches. They also offer curved displays and touch screens for easy accessibility. The specs of the Microsoft desktop vary only slightly as all have at least 8GB memory with the exception of the HP Pavilion which has only 4GB. All Microsoft desktops also have Intel®i5 or i7 processors.
  • Internet speed and security-Microsoft's Signature Edition computers are guaranteed to run faster on startup and shutdowns than any other computers on the market. Their Turbo charged processors deliver faster speeds by eliminating junk files that tend to slow computers down. Their technicians are specially trained to handle computer issues. All Microsoft computers come with a free anti-virus program that never expires.

The best desktops are desktops that you can work with seamlessly without any major issues. Microsoft has proven that they can produce top of the line computers by working with leading manufacturers such as HP and Lenovo. By utilizing Intel's awardwinning processors, Microsoft has succeeded in becoming both a good computer operating company and a good supplier of computers.