Comparing the Top Wireless Headphones of 2015.

Wireless headphones are quickly becoming one of the most interesting topics in the world of audio equipment. For years wireless headphones have been associated with low sound quality and a lack of reliability, but rapid advances in wireless technology and audio engineering have turned this stereotype around. Consumers can now find quality wireless headphones from leading brands that suit nearly any budget and lifestyle. It can be difficult to choose between the growing number of excellent options, so let's look at a few of the leading brands.

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Sony has always been a popular choice for audio enthusiasts so it's no surprise that they're one of the frontrunners in the wireless headphone market. Some of their most highly-rated products are:

  • MDR1RBT: Retails around $400. Stylish, over-ear headphones with excellent bass.
  • MDR-10RBT: $200. Affordable and portable.
  • XBA-BT75: $100. In-ear headphones for the active lifestyle.

Beats is one of the newcomers in the scene but has rapidly dominated the younger and more fashion-conscious part of the market. Their products are marked by sleek, minimal designs that come in a variety of colors. Here are two popular wireless options to consider:

  • Beats Studio: $300. Full size over-ear headphones that deliver complete sound.
  • Powerbeats 2: $200. Clips around the ear, ensuring they won't slip off while keeping a minimal profile.

Bose has always been a big name in the high-end audio market and their wireless offerings demonstrate exactly why. They do not have as wide of a product range as their competitors, but users can expect the precision engineering that has made the company so popular. The primary option here is the Soundlink line ($250-$280), which comes with two options: on-ear and around-ear. On-ear is lighter and easier to wear for long periods, while the around-ear delivers slightly better sound quality.

So which wireless headphones are right for you? While users should be thrilled with any of these offerings, here are some of the pros that each line delivers:

  • Sony: Widest range of products and somewhat cheaper than the competitors for similar performance.
  • Beats: Fashionable and popular among the younger generation. Wide range of colors and doubles as an accessory.
  • Bose: Precision engineering and stellar customer support. Extremely comfortable. Will likely outlast the competition's products.