MP3 Players Offer Several Advantages Over Smartphones

While smartphones may be able to offer a greater range of multimedia playback options, MP3 players can still provide users with a few key advantages. Weighing the pros and cons and learning more about what devices like the Fiio X5 or iAudio E3 are able to offer can allow consumers to find a player that will be better suited to their needs. With their higher costs and lack of durability, smartphones may not always be the best choice for those who are only interested in a device that will allow them to listen to their favorite tracks while on the go.

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Low-Cost Devices Offer Greater Value

Even the most basic smartphones may still come with a hefty price tag. While MP3 players may not be able to compete with the video options, applications and other functions that only a full-featured smartphone may be able to support, they often provide a more budget-friendly option for those who are interested in making a more frugal purchase. Perfect for a trip to the track or a visit to the gym, the affordable nature of these players can allow users to enjoy their music in environments and situation that would leave a less durable smartphone at greater risk of being damaged.

Physical Buttons and Enhanced Battery Life

Trying to adjust tracks and playback settings on a touchscreen device can be quite challenging when engaged in an athletic activity like running or riding a bike. Players that still utilize physical buttons can allow for quick and easy track and setting changes with far greater ease than would be possible with a touchscreen device. Players can also provide far greater battery life than many smartphones and will ensure that users will be able to listen to their music with less chance of an interruption.

Greater Durability

The rugged design of many players can be an important feature. Players that are designed to be shock or even waterproof mean that users will be able to listen to music, audio tracks and even FM radio in a greater number of situations. When weighing the pros and cons of devices like the iAudio E3 and the Fiio X5, you would do well to remember that few smartphones may be able to withstand stress and wear as effectively as an MP3 player.