In Review: Apple's iPhones

Great Reasons to Buy an iPhone

Apple has made several changes to the iPhone in the last few years. Apple fans expected a few new upgrades, but the iPhone 6s is on par with the latest Android technology. Besides the beautiful rose colored finish, the iPhone has several technical improvements. Here are a few reasons why Apple has so many loyal fans.

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Cool New Features

The display screen on the iPhone 6s can detect pressure, and the improvement allows you quick access to your favorite apps. The iPhone has always produced high resolution photos. The latest model has a Retina Flash feature that enables the screen to function as a double flash. The iOS 8 is running on 83 percent of iPhones. In comparison, the latest android OS upgrade was installed on only 12 percent of Android phones. Many iPhone users have also upgraded to the iOS 9. Smartphone manufactures are slow to install a new operating system. Apple seamlessly makes upgrades available to all iPhone customers. Apple fans do not have to wait months for the latest operating system upgrade.

Excellent Customer Service

Unwanted apps are easy to remove on the iPhone. Apple users do not have to search the Internet for bloatware removal instructions. Clicking and dragging an icon to the trash removes any unwanted software. Apple is known for excellent customer service. When the answer cannot be found on the Apple website, technicians can be reached via phone or a live chat. If the problem can only be resolved in person, iPhone customers can schedule an appointment with an Apple store employee. A report released by a security firm proved Apple devices are less susceptible to malware.

Apple's iPhone continues to lead the pack in mobile technology. The classic interface packs new specs into a neat package. Switch to an iPhone, and you can have peace of mind knowing your personal information is safe from malware attacks. When you are not talking on the phone, you might want to have a few conversations with Siri. She has a wealth of information, and she is always ready to provide you with cool random facts.