Finding the Right Tablet

Consumers have more options than ever when it comes finding the perfect tablet PC. This technology has bridged the gap between smartphones and laptops, but many are unsure of the features and specs that they should keep an eye out for. If you have recently decided that it is time to purchase your own personal tablet, then take a look at this buying guide that will help you get the most out of your investment

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How Will the Tablet Be Used?

Those that will be using their tablet for business purposes will have much different needs than families that would like a tablet to stream shows or read e-books. Some common features that you might want to consider include its inputs/outputs, battery life, size, and connectivity options. Many tablets can only connect to a WiFi signal while others have 3G or 4G connectivity, but tablets with 4G connections typically have monthly costs as well.

Picking an OS

Practically everyone will begin this process by first choosing their preferred operating system. The vast majority of tablets currently come with the Apple iOS, Windows, or Android operating system. For most uses, the operating system that is chosen will be based on one's comfort and familiarity. Anyone that will be using their tablet in conjunction with other technology will most likely want to ensure that all of their devices are on the same OS so that files can easily be moved between devices.


Much like the operating system, many consumers also have a preference when it comes to the app store. Many of the most popular apps can be found on all operating systems and within all app centers, but there will also be different payment methods and the user interface will change between each program. For most buyers, the app stores should be considered nearly identical across Apple, Windows, and Android.

Screen Size

Finally, consumers will want to think about how large and heavy they would like their tablet to be. Tablets with a screen that is larger than 12" often have better specs, but they are also more difficult to travel with and are not as easy to operate with one hand. Tablets in the sub-8" range are much easier to hold and operate, but they are generally built for a single purpose such as reading e-books. Striking a balance between size and power will help you find a tablet that is comfortable to use and ready for any programs that you install.