Which Is The Best iPad?

Apple's general ingenuity and overall attention to detail is definitely evident in their constantly evolving tablet line. With the specs differing only nominally between models, and the slew of apps equally available, it may be hard to spot the differences beyond mere display size. To solve that problem I'm going to attempt to craft a comprehensive overview of each model's unique features and functions.

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  • iPad Mini: Being just a little bigger than the largest iPhone while being incapable of making calls, you may wonder why anyone bothers with the iPad Mini. Well it turns out that the iPad Mini is relatively wallet friendly, bringing the iPad experience to those on a budget. It is less powerful than other iPad models but it beats out it's competition by almost any standard and the market for smaller tablets is definitely alive.
  • iPad Air: Examining the iPad Air calls into question why we like tablets at all. Well, the answer is relatively simple. They are much more powerful and easy to use than our phones while being more portable and versatile than our laptops. Whether you're sitting on a train waiting to get into the office or sitting on the couch watching reruns of your favorite TV show, iPad Air (generally referred to simply as the iPad) allows you to get serious work done, find the answer to complicated issues, keep in touch with friends and family, or just play a quick game of your choosing.
  • iPad Pro: iPad Pro is the newest addition to the iPad family. With a screen size of 12 inches (enormous for a tablet), and Apple pushing it's companion detachable keyboard, one tends to wonder why not just get a laptop. The computer would be similar in size and price, and would be overall more powerful, but what gives the iPad it's edge is the touchscreen, cellular capabilities, and on-board sensors. If you're an on-the-move business person, the iPad Pro may be for you due to it being able to connect to the internet while out of the office, allowing you to efficiently multitask and directly interact with your work with the touch of a finger, and keeping track of your health and fitness data while you're on the move.
  • Apple still dominates the tablet market and does so by delivering quality products at all levels, so regardless of which you opt for, rest assured you won't be disappointed. Hopefully my breakdown has assisted you in understanding the key differences and similarities between the various iPad models.