Which E-Reader is Right for You?

Buying guides that provide reviews and information about various product features can make selecting the right E-reader a much easier undertaking. With names like Kindle, Kobo and Nook, many first time buyers can find themselves at a loss when it comes to selecting the right device. Using the right guide can be essential for those who are seeking a device better suited to their needs, habits and budget. E-book readers can vary drastically in terms of the features and performance that each has to offer. Being able to make more informed decisions and purchases is not a matter that should be left to chance.

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Display and Physical Dimensions

Readers who are used to paper books would do well to choose a device that feels more comfortable to hold. While even the smallest devices may be able to contain hundreds of volumes and titles, displays that are too small to read comfortably or devices that are too large to be held for long periods of time can create a few problems. While features such as battery life, storage capacity and interface options are not concerns that should be ignored, even the best E-reader may be of little real value should it be unable to provide you with an enjoyable user experience.

Supported E-book Formats

With no shortage of digital formats services and E-book suppliers, choosing a device that is able to support a wider range of storage formats can be an important issue. Whether you purchase your titles online or plan to check out E-books from your local library, having a device that is able to support a wider range of file formats can ensure that you are able to make use of an expanded range of options.

Battery Life and File Storage

While charging an E-reader or transferring your files to a mobile device often takes very little time or effort, investing in a device that can go for weeks on a single charge or finding an E-reader that can store your entire personal library electronically can often be an important concern. The buying guides that provide detailed information on the full range of devices made by top manufactures like Nook, Kindle or Kobo can be an important resource for those who are serious about making the right purchase.