The Ups and Downs of Wearable Tech

Wearable technology has a lot of good points and bad points and whether it's worth it for you will depend on factors such as how much you value convenience versus battery life. Here are some points regarding the pros and cons of wearable gadgets.

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Battery Life

One of the greatest downsides of wearable tech is that you are really going to take a hit when it comes to battery life. There's just no way to put a large battery into a piece of wearable tech such as a smartwatch. This means that you either have a watch that has very limited functionality like mostly just telling the time with maybe a few notifications here and there, or you end up with a connected tool that doesn't last very long with very limited efficiency.


A big pro to using wearable tech is that it's harder for any device to be any more convenient. They are always on your wrist or on your leg or wherever you wear them, and this means that you are less likely to lose them. In fact, wearable gadgets can also make it less likely that you will lose other pieces of technology as well, such as your phone. The reason for this is because wearable devices such as fitness tracking bracelets often have a feature embedded in them that allows you to locate your phone by making it produce a noise when you hit a button on your bracelet.

New Possibilities

Overall, one of the best upsides to wearable technology is that it provides for all new possibilities regarding utility. You can often use gestures with your watch in order to make things happen, for example. If you turn your wrist in a figure eight, this could answer a phone call, or stop playing your music, or go to the next track. There are plenty of signs to suggest that this trend is only going to continue as well.

Even now people are building phones into clothing such as dresses so that you don't even need to hold your phone on you if you wish to make a call to other people. Plenty of wearable devices can be set to call other people automatically if the device detects that your body is showing signs of distress. This is only really possible with tech that you wear close to your body in order for the device to pick up on things like pulse.