Everything You Need to Know About the New Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a dynamic combination of several great features that make it a beautifully constructed smartwatch. The following information reviews the different aspects of the Apple Watch.

Attractive Appearance

Apple doesn't disappoint with this watch being a beautifully designed piece of wearable technology. The shape is rectangular and with seamless construction the watch looks and feels good on the wrist. The watch face can be customized. Certain colors can be chosen and numbers can be added. While the Apple Watch is definitely an impressive display of technology and practical features, it's also a sleek, attractive piece of jewelry that will look good on almost anyone's wrist.

Great Technology

The watch is a smartphone that can send and receive calls. It is also packed with several features and provides great fitness software. Glances is a feature that can bring up 12 screens, each complete with various information from a companion app that's on the device. The software offers several stock glances. Other technical specs include having an ambient light sensor, Wi-Fi, heart rate sensor, gyroscope, and accelerometer.

Practical Use

The battery life, appointments on the calendar, and even daily fitness can all be seen at a glance. The digital crown is a feature that would be used to set the time in regular watches but is used on the Apple Watch for scrolling. Some users find that the notifications are their favorite feature. The watch can mirror all notifications on the phone, enabling a user to interact quickly with any incoming emails and news information.

Weak Points

The battery won't last more than a day. The watch will need to be charged every night when it's taken off. It does require an iPhone 5 or later to be able to work properly. It can at times be slow to communicate with another paired iPhone. Another issue is that the watch doesn't allow a user to change the sound effects for incoming calls, notifications, or text messages. Finally, watch face assortments are a bit limited compared to the Android Wear.

Overall, this watch provides great attention to detail and there are literally hundreds of apps on the watch. There is a wide variety of bands to choose from as well as buckles or loops. The Apple Watch starts out around $350.

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