Finding the Best Garmin Trackers for You

Garmin trackers come in a variety of different types with diverse features including Vivofit, Vivosmart and Vivoactive. Here's some review information about trackers of this sort.

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This smart tracker is a smartwatch that does many of the same functions as a smartphone. It has a built-in ability to track how you're doing in your sport even when you don't have your phone on you. This is the main advantage of this type of tracker, specifically that you can use it even without having your phone on you since sometimes your phone is just too big for it to be convenient to bring with you while you are running.

The device records that you're doing while you're moving around through the GPS technology that it has in it. You can look at statistics even while you are working out outside. The screen has color and touch sensitivity and it's also been treated specifically so that you can still use it even when you're being hit with direct sunlight.


The Vivosmart tracker option has a lot of different features such as the ability to connect online and show you badges based on how well you're doing within the apps you play. This is called "connect." You can connect to online challenges this way as well and it's even possible to compete against other members throughout the world as an extra sort of motivation. The Connect service only works through a computer or compatible mobile device, though, so depending on which version you have, you will likely need both the VivoSmart band and a compatible smartphone or other Garmin device.

Overall, the specs or app selection you have for a particular tracker aren't going to be as important as taking into account the features and overall appearance. If you want to run only and you don't mind having your smartphone on you, then something like the band will work, for example. If you want more standalone functionality, then you can certainly go with the VivoActive tracker in watch form. Other options available include specifying specific tracking activities such as when you go for an early morning run. You can track the total amount of calories that you've burned for the entire period that you're looking at as well if you want. For example, you could see how well you did on Thursday as opposed to Monday. You can also look at other periods of time.