The 2015 Pebble Time: A Smartwatch for the Tech-Savvy

For over two years, Pebble has remained one of the leaders in the smartwatch market with a number of other companies attempting to match their specs and features. Here is a closer look at the Pebble Time smartwatch, their newest release in the wearable tech industry and a device that may change the way you interact with your smartphone.

First Impressions

When first taking the Pebble Time out of the box, most owners are going to notice its simplistic design. Unlike its Android and Apple rivals, the appearance of this smartwatch is about as basic as it gets. That being said, it will be unobtrusive no matter what you are wearing and blends in well with casual clothes, exercise gear, or even business outfits. The Time is almost identical in size to the original Pebble, and the only major difference in its appearance is the metal bezel around the outside.

Basic Specs

The Time's case comes in at 40.5mm x 37.5mm with an e-paper display covered in Gorilla Glass. Every function and app for this watch is controlled with the four external buttons, and the only other sign that this is a smartwatch is the small charging port along the back. In order to use the Time, you will need to pair the watch with your smartphone after downloading the Pebble Time app. There are currently over 6,500 Pebble apps with more being released every week, and the screen is completely customizable in terms of its color and appearance.

Special Features

What truly sets this smartwatch apart from its predecessors is the new operating system called Timeline. Timeline was designed to keep all information on the screen in chronological order. Programs can be pinned to the home screen, and each of these pins will then slide across as new texts, emails, calls, and alerts are created. Users can keep an eye on the information as it comes up, scroll to previous alerts, or move forward to check out information in the future such as upcoming meetings.

The other standout feature is the e-paper display that never turns off. While this might sound like a feature that would kill the battery life, some users are enjoying upwards of 7 days of continuous use before needing to recharge. When combined with other baseline features and an amazing entry-level price, it is difficult to go wrong with this smartwatch.

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