Choosing a Gaming Console

Modern Gaming Consoles: a Comparison

There are many forms of entertainment; sports, movies, and video games are a few of the most popular. Making a choice between the leading gaming consoles can be a daunting task, but with a little bit of knowledge that task can be simplified. The most widely known consoles today are the Nintendo Wii U, the Playstation 4, and the Xbox One. There are other, less common consoles, but we will focus on these three main systems. The Xbox One currently costs $350.

The Xbox One is made by Microsoft, and is the third system in the Xbox line, directly following and surpassing the Xbox 360. It is capable of playing Blu-ray discs as well as DVDs and CDs. Concerning the power, it features 8 GB of RAM, 204 GB/s bandwidth, an 8-core custom-built AMD processor, and 500 GB of storage. Users can benefit from cloud storage and, with a Kinect 2 peripheral, motion and voice controls. The Xbox One has a number of excellent videogames, including Destiny, Grand Theft Auto V, multiple Call of Duty titles, as well as many others. Xbox-exclusive titles include the well-loved Halo series, Gears of War, and multiple entries of Forza Motorsport. The Xbox One can also play any game available to its predecessor, the Xbox 360. The Playstation 4 is priced at $350, same as the Xbox One.

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Sony Computer Entertainment's Playstation line is an old one, and the most recent console, the Playstation 4, is an excellent example of modern gaming technology. Mostly on-par with the Xbox One, it features 8 GB RAM, an 8-core custom Sony-built processor, and a removable 500 GB hard drive. The graphics engine is slightly better than those of its competitors, with an advanced AMD GPU that clocks at 800 MHz. Playstation enjoys a few top-notch exclusive games, including No Man's Sky, the Uncharted series, and Ratchet and Clank. It also has several multi-system titles such as Call of Duty and Metal Gear Solid V.

One can hardly discuss video games without mentioning Nintendo, founded in 1889, it is the oldest company in the modern gaming industry, and has an impressive reputation. The Wii U is the successor to the revolutionary motion-controlled Wii, and makes use of leading-edge technology, as well as a control system that is unlike anything else in the industry. It was the first console released in the current "generation" of home consoles, and is often quoted as being less powerful than its competitors, as it has a four-core IBM-made CPU that clocks around 1.23 GHz, 2 GB of RAM, and only 8 GB of memory, though additional memory is available. However, the GPU is an AMD-Radeon system that supports 1080p High-definition display on both the controller's built-in touchscreen and on HDTVs. Unlike the other two consoles, the Wii U cannot use Blu-ray or DVD discs, instead using a unique type of Compact Disc for its programs. The Wii U benefits from Nintendo's long and colorful series, such as:

  • Super Mario Bros.
  • Donkey Kong
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Pikmin
  • Super Smash Bros. - the most popular multiplayer fighting game

all of which are top-quality Nintendo-exclusive titles. The Wii U also has access to various titles such as Call of Duty and Need for Speed, available on the other systems as well. The Wii U is also slightly cheaper than the other systems, at a cost of $300, and is available in multiple bundles, which include various titles to kick-start a buyer's library.