PC Gaming Computers

Buy One or Build One?

Gamers love a blazing desktop computer. A high-end gaming rig doesn't come cheap, though. There are numerous online sites and electronics stores that can sell an epic machine with all the bells and whistles. Most online sellers offer the option to customize the components to give the buyer exactly what is wanted.

When purchasing a pre-built computer, make sure to check the specifications carefully. A lot of gaming computers have a "base model" that is pretty weak on features unless additional components are added via a customization option.

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Is there a cheaper option than buying a computer online? The answer is yes, but it requires a bit of know how. With diligent price watching, a self-built computer can save a few hundred dollars. If cost is an issue, learning how to build a computer and ordering the parts is the way to go.

A bonus of building a computer is that money can be focused on the desired features. For instance, if the games that will be played are mainly online, an enormous hard drive probably isn't necessary. Therefore, more money can be spent with a mind to graphics performance. This could involve a faster processor, a better graphics card, or a high-end motherboard.

With regards to warranties, pre-built models make things much simpler. The warranty will cover the entire computer for the specified duration. This way if anything goes wrong, whether it's a power supply, hard drive, bad cable, or any part of the computer, it will be covered. This is not dissimilar to a "bumper to bumper" warranty for a car.

A home built computer also has warranties, but they will vary by component. This means that there might be a power supply with a 5-year warranty, a motherboard with a 2-year warranty, and so forth. It is up to the builder to keep track of all the warranty information of every component. With careful shopping to choose durable components, this shouldn't be a huge worry. However, if that one case fan dies, the warranty has to be found, the fan removed from the computer, and the failed unit must be sent back to the manufacturer.

There is no "best" way to obtain a gaming desktop. It depends mainly on whether simplicity or value is at a premium. In either case, a good gaming computer will provide a superior level of enjoyment compared to an ordinary computer.