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Review of the Sony Playstation 4

PlayStation has always been a powerhouse in the gaming market, releasing some of the best gaming consoles to date. With the release of the PS4 (PlayStation 4) heads have been turning, as the new system is showcasing some amazing features, cutting edge graphics, and a next generation experience. However is the new console, worth the price tag? The best way to find out is through a review.


You can pick up a brand new PS4 for around $400.00 this is just the base package deal (console, hook up cables, and controller), it won't include any extras. However, you can find bundle deals which will throw in add-ons such as the Destiny title for $450.

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Graphics - The main selling point for any console is the graphics and the PS4 doesn't disappoint. The visuals are truly next-gen with real time lighting, shadders, texture mapping, and artificial intelligence all packed into one sleek highly powered gaming device.

Controller - PlayStation has really outdone themselves with their new Dualshock4. The controller has had a complete overhaul with a new clickable touchpad, redesigned analog thumb sticks, integrated headphone jack, shoulder buttons,sleek light bar, larger look and feel, share button. The share button itself is quite unique, the button will allow you to share your last 15 minutes of gameplay. You can chose to share it with your friends, via social media, or to services like twitch.

PlayStation Plus - This feature is an add on for $50 a year and it is truly worth it, with all the freebies in games you will receive. Along with a bunch of freebies you will get access to cloud storage for everything on your unit.


As always the PS4 doesn't disappoint in the games department. Many new titles are meant to hit the shelves but we will also be seeing the return of many popular titles. Currently some of the best out are The Witcher 3, Far Cry 4, Grand Theft Auto V, and The Last of Us: Remastered.

The PS4 offers state of the art technology that can't be found anywhere else, whether it's through the powerful UI engine, robust controller, or PlayStation Plus with it's freebies and cloud storage. The PS4 offers some great gaming titles that will provide hours of endless entertainment and with many more great titles being released in the near future. In the end the final say goes to the end user, is the PS4 worth the price tag?