Nintendo's Wii Consoles

Nintendo is a leading video game hardware manufacturer and software developer, and they've been since the 1980s. Beginning with their Nintendo Entertainment System, the company built their legacy upon fun titles that are family friendly. Their latest offering are the Wii and Wii U systems. What follows is a breakdown of the Wii U.


Most critics praised Nintendo for the Wii U's approach to technology. Using an innovative control scheme updated from the previous Wii console, the system allows gamers to experience their games in an entirely new way. The controller now features a small screen touchscreen similar to that found on Nintendo's recent line of handheld systems in the DS family. Others have criticized Nintendo's missteps in the console, noting some incomplete ideas. Another criticism comes from the consoles lack of third-party support. However, this is a non-issue for some, as Nintendo is known for their amazing first-party lineup. In all, the console offers an engaging experience for all ages.

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As it currently stands, there are two pricing options. For $230, gamers can pick up the basic console with 8 GB of memory. The Deluxe Edition is $299 and has an onboard memory of 32 GB. Various bundles are available for purchase, allowing gamers to grab the console along with a game for the same low cost.


One of the most noteworthy features of the Wii U is the HD graphics. Gamers and game developers alike criticized the original Wii for its lack of HD support. The controller detects full range of motion, like the previous console. However, this time around there is a screen on the controller which gives games added playability. The console is also backwards compatible with most Wii titles.


There are a number of great titles available for the Wii U. The first of which is Super Mario 3D World, which is lauded as the best Mario game in years. Other titles worth checking out include Super Smash Bros., Splatoon, Little Inferno, and Bayonetta 2.


While not as robust as the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4, the Wii U improves upon the Wii's graphics. As mentioned above, there is now HD support, which looks much better on modern television sets. Titles that shine on the console are those who aim for an artistic approach rather than super realism.