How to Compete in eSports

How to Enter an eSports Competition

As gaming becomes more of a mainstream activity, it is common to hear folks discussing the latest tournament that they entered or the latest team that they have joined. While it may have seemed odd only 10 or 15 years ago, eSports can be lucrative for those who are good enough at them. What does it take to join a professional league?

You Train Like Any Other Professional

Although it may seem like gaming doesn't impose any physical demands, professional gamers will spend hours in the gym to ensure that they have the physical and mental stamina to compete at events. In addition, you must spend many hours a day playing the game to get good enough at it to compete at a top level. In some cases, it may be worthwhile to get a coach who will help you eliminate tendencies and other weaknesses that could be exploited.

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Most Players Make a Name for Themselves Online

The Internet makes it easier for players to meet other players and to gain notoriety. You may first be relegated to online tournaments or local events where you may play against others in your town or region. Smaller tournaments are generally open to the public for a nominal fee. If you do well at those events, you may be invited to national events or be invited to join elite teams at national events.

Major League Gaming Events are the Ultimate Goal

For the most serious of players, getting into a Major League Gaming event is one of the greatest things that they can accomplish. In most cases, players go through qualification at regional events or may be able to get into an event automatically based on prior performance. There are many games that players can compete in such as Tekken, Halo and Super Smash Brothers.

Competing in eSports can be a fun way for an individual to pursue a career based on a hobby that also happens to be one of their skills. In some cases, it is possible to win millions of dollars over the course of a career and earn a reputation as one of the best to ever pick up a controller.