Ranking the Best Retro Games Ever Made

The Top 5 Retro Games

Retro gaming has reached a new height of popularity - even with the multi-million dollar graphics, effects, and scripts behind modern games, there's still a lot of charm behind the old favorites. Here are our top five retro games and series ever made.

5. Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic's high-speed sidescrolling action had several technical innovations for its time - Sonic could, for example, roll along curved scenery, a first in the video game world - but its gameplay is what really made the title stand out. Players came to love the high-speed hedgehog and the beautiful, colorful environments, and the franchise (despite some ups and downs along the way) has been a successful one ever since.

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4. Donkey Kong

The pixelated ape and his series of platforms became a hit in arcades upon release, becoming (and staying) one of the most popular arcade titles ever released. Donkey Kong's straighforward gameplay and highly addictive nature made it a hit in arcades and has also spawned its own very successful franchise, creating a large cast of characters along the way.

3. Zelda

As one of the first titles to offer a real sense of adventure in video games, The Legend of Zelda has earned a spot in the hearts of many young people - the connections they formed with the characters in this high-fantasy adventure game, as well as the beautiful music and exciting narrative, form memories that last a lifetime.

2. Space Invaders

The row of alien invaders was many people's first introduction to video games, and it's become an enduring image in arcade and retro game collections. Space Invaders has earned its place as one of the most identifiable (and most addictive) titles in gaming history, sucking an entire generation's supply of quarters dry as they played it in arcades with their friends.

1. Super Mario Bros.

Mario and Luigi are easily the most enduring and recognizable characters in video games. The release of Super Mario Bros. saw the birth of the platforming genre, which is alive and well today, as well as a high standard for level design, variety, creativity, and music in video games - chances are you'll be humming the theme song after reading this. As worldwide gaming ambassadors and real pioneers in the field, the characters and team of Super Mario Bros. is without compare in the history of video games.