Best Gaming Controllers

The Top Gaming Controllers Around

Gaming controllers are your main point of interaction with any video game, so the better the controller, the better your experience - but which of the major game controllers are the best? Let's take a look at some advantages of each controller and see what they all have to offer.

Xbox Controller

The Xbox has established itself as one of the main players in the video game world, and that's in large part because of its comfortable and ergonomically designed controller. The Xbox controller features two offset joysticks, an arrangement which fits very naturally with the curve of the hands and the way the average player holds the controller; this encourages extended gaming sessions and helps prevent any kind of fatigue during playtime. It's a good standard against which to compare its peers, so let's see how they measure up!

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PlayStation Controller

The PlayStation design is a well-established one - the layout of the buttons hasn't really changed since the very first appearance of the console. One standout feature is its touchpad - this controller encourages quick interactions and innovative design with the touchpad, providing players with a more direct and immediate method to interact with their games.

The Wii U Controller

Of all the game console controllers available, Nintendo's have always been the most adventurous. The latest Wii U controller is no different - it takes the PS4's touchpad one step further by providing a completely separate touch screen, opening up brand new doors for gameplay styles. Wii U games can, for example, provide multiplayer games whose gameplay extends over the two controllers, letting one player have an entirely different view of the playing area than the other one.

Which Stands Out?

As with most designs, it depends on what exactly you're looking for. No matter what controller and console you end up choosing, go for a wireless version of that controller - the headache of tripping over controller cables is a thing of the past with a good wireless controller. Nintendo's controller will be the way to go if you're playing local multiplayer (that is, two people playing on the same console) games, while Microsoft and Sony's takes on gaming controllers each provide their own advantages in terms of comfort (where Microsoft emerges the victor by a nose, thanks to the offset joysticks) and interactibility (where the PlayStation's touch screen comes in first).