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Cisco 7920

Get Ready for More Cisco in Your Home

Cisco systems are the internet hardware giant from California’s Silicone Valley. They started out developing routers and high-end switches for enterprise level markets in the 80s and later dove into other markets. Through strategic acquisitions and a reputation for quality products, the Cisco brand has become a household name. The acquisition of Linksys gave Cisco the foot in the door to routers and hubs designed for household use. Linksys was purchased by Cisco back in 2003. Although the internet company had been a dominant name in large scale packet switching and routing, Linksys gave Cisco access to the kinds of technologies that has made it a recognized name in telecommunications for the home. However, so far, Cisco hasn’t implemented its own brand into the home and has appeared content with providing Linksys products for home networking duties. This could be about to change.

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Get ready for Cisco’s name in home communications as well as entertainment devices, home theater, radio and telephones.

Given Cisco’s area of expertise, the new breed of specialized internet telephones called IP phones would seem a natural extension. Cisco makes a line of IP phones for the home market. The IP Phone, also called a digital phone, is a phone that is specifically designed to be used with a VoIP service . If you have a broadband or high-speed internet connection, you can take advantage of a VoIP service to save money on long-distance calling. As with anyone starting out with a new VoIP service, you’ll have to get a digital/analogue conversion box or a VoIP gateway. This box will allow you to connect your regular analogue telephone to the internet. The alternatives are the new IP phones. The IP Phones are capable of acquiring an IP address from your router and will connect you directly to your VoIP service.

7920 Features:

  • 6 Multiple line speed dials
  • Caller ID, incoming call’s name and ID on display
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Transfer
  • Voice Mail message on display
  • 128x80 pixel backlight display
  • More than 24 user adjustable ring tones available
  • DHCP client or statically configured
  • Supports Cisco Discovery Protocol
  • Automatic IEEE 802.11 b

The more sophisticated of the IP Phones include Cisco’s 7920 model. It brings the freedom of wireless communications together with the convenience of a digital direct connection to the Internet. All it takes is a wi-fi enabled router. The 7920 is compatible with wireless networks on the 802.11 b protocol. Using the power of eXtensible Markup Language (XML) is just one of several enhancements to the 7900 series of Cisco IP phones you’ll find in the 7920. Other features include Cisco’s CallManager and Cisco’s CallManager Express.

Of all the business class IP phones, Cisco’s 7900 series--the 7920--is the definitely the coolest. It’s a delight to use and a welcome addition in any home. This is a model that will give gizmo freaks that proud feeling inside.