14" laptops

14" Laptops: The Perfect Option for Laptop Users

These days, 14" laptops offer a perfect medium between ultra-portable and luxurious laptops. Smaller laptops feature unmatched portability but lack higher-end features. Conversely, larger machines come with advanced features but often prove difficult to lug around. The 14" segment of laptops grants the best of both worlds in this regard, and consumers prefer this size range. Computer users with very specific needs will gravitate toward one end of the size spectrum. However, general users are better off in the middle.

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Most manufacturers offer a 14" model in their lineup. Popular brands include:

  • Toshiba Satellite
  • Dell Latitude
  • Sony Vaio

A typical 14" laptop is perfect for most computer users no matter their needs. Such machines offer great display resolution and performance in a mostly compact form factor. For any given model, a buyer can customize the memory and performance parts of the machine. Machines of this size will fit comfortably inside a backpack or bag. The screen is large enough for multitasking, too. Plus, watching movies and videos is simple on a 14" screen albeit not luxurious or optimal.

The Downsides of Other Screen Sizes

On the other hand, 11" laptops sacrifice a lot of features in the name of portability. They often lack disk drives and performance specifications. Video and audio quality are often lacking in the eyes of most users. Therefore, only commuters and constant travelers tend to prefer these machines. Full-sized 17" laptops lack mobility because they're encumbering to carry around constantly. These machines offer the best performance specs and auxiliary features like disc drives and USB ports. Also, video and audio quality is unparalleled.

Comparing Costs Amongst Different Laptop Sizes

Perhaps most importantly, 14" laptops fall within a comfortable price range for consumers. Lower-end devices range from $350.00 to $600.00 on average. More advanced models can run between $600.00 and $1,200.00 or so. Fortunately, consumers find these prices more than affordable in most cases. General users have no problem buying an affordable machine without too many advanced features. Those willing to pay more can acquire a laptop with the features they need without spending a fortune.

In the end, it's easy to understand why 14" laptops are more popular than 11" and 17" alternatives. Netbooks are affordable but only prove useful for bare-bone operations on the go. Larger laptops are perfect for multitasking but sometimes cost a little too much money. An overwhelming number of laptop users find satisfaction in the 14" laptop segment because these computers feature very few downsides. Likewise, enough customizations can be made to suit specific user needs.