17" laptops

Gaming and Graphic Heaven

Laptops were originally designed as portable computers for the busy executive. As computer components decreased in size, laptops became smaller, but the attached screen was often difficult to read. In a reversal of fortune, laptop manufacturers began designs on larger screens and keyboards, including 17 inch laptops. These computers have specific uses for the discerning public.

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Desktop Replacement

Although desktop computers are still viable devices, laptops have much more versatility, even if they are 17 inch screens. For example: if you're working on an important project, you can move your 17 inch laptop from a downstairs desk to an upstairs bedroom. These large computers are not meant to be used as portable devices during travel, however, because of their weight. Between the screen and electronic components, 17 inch laptops tip the scales at 7 pounds or more. They are mainly designed for desk use.

Amazing Graphic Quality

Large screens allow graphics to pop off the screen because more components fit into the housing for crisp images. Because of the graphic quality, video game fans purchase these models, along with graphics and web designers. Detailed images provide you with a thrilling gaming experience or a top notch project for work or school.

Speed Matters

Large laptops need high speeds to produce moving images on the screen. Choose a model with a lot of RAM, or random access memory, and a versatile microprocessor. If your images look detailed but jump across the screen, your computer needs more speed. Test a computer's versatility in the store before deciding on a model. Each person's needs differ and one model does not fit all consumers.

Some Drawbacks

Touchscreens are relatively standard for smaller laptops and tablets, but 17 inch laptops do not usually have this feature. You must use the keyboard or mouse pad to click on icons. These large laptops also take a lot of battery power so you must be close to an electrical outlet. Some models hold a charge for a long time, but it largely depends on your use, such as downloading images from the Internet.

Large laptops are beginning to replace standard home entertainment systems with their visual and audio quality, coupled with Internet connectivity. With video games added to the laptop, your whole household benefits from the fun and educational content available from your computer. Create a list of key features you want your future laptop to have and compare them to a 17 inch computer. Technology's constant evolution is a thrill to discover.