Nokia Cell Phones

Nokia Cell Phone

The Finnish giant in portables

Nokia is a name synonymous with mobile communications, driving the growth of the mobile industry with their own unique innovations. Being the world's top producers of mobile phones simply isn't enough for Nokia. The Finnish manufacturer has its eye on all mobile devices, especially Smartphones, MP3 players and handheld organizers. Nokia is one of the top ten companies in the world valued at more than US$25.4 billion.

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Nokia's innovations in the handheld world have lead to a joint venture with Psion, Motorola and Ericsson to develop a Symbian, a new Smartphone operating system that will separate the Smartphone from the convential Pocket PC, playing up Smartphone's strengths.

An alternate handheld interface designed to be intuitive and easy to use navigate a variety of handheld organizer features and control powerful applications. Symbian devices by Nokia include the 7710 the "widescreen Smartphone". Nokia's more well known models include the 6020 camera Smartphone with built in browser capabilities and a 65K color screen.

The 6670 is a Smartphone also with built in camera that uses the Symbian operating system. The Smartphones can play media files on a 176x208 pixel screen, including Mpeg-4 video, realm media/audio and MP3. All the while keeping connected with instant messenger and a fully functional SMTP/pop3 email client from anywhere. Tri-band (GSM 850/1800/1900Mhz) operation is a familiar feature for Nokia phones, allowing greater access while roaming and fewer cut outs. Round out these features with Bluetooth/wi-fi wireless communications and an expandable MMC slot and you have a one of top gadgets of the 21st century.

Nokia's commitment to staying on top of innovation means bringing a difference to their customers. Nokia has recently announced another innovation to their lineup, the first ever Smartphone search engine. This software solution provides customers with fast access to leading search engines directly from their Nokia handset. Current service and content providers include Eniro, Fonecta, Medio Systems, Yahoo!, as well as the digital map solution by AtlasCT.

Nokia truly brings an established telephony device to the Smartphone table. You'll have no trouble with the voice features of many of their phone-centric handset offerings. Nokia has other options taking the conventional handset in different directions with their innovative 7710 design, worth a look even for the dedicated Pocket PC user. The new Symbian operating system is a step in the right direction but might take some time before it becomes established as the Palm OS. Downloadable java applets, feely developed for Nokia devices gives the freedom of downloading any applets you can find to fit your individual needs. This is a lesson well learned from Palm, the competing Palm Treo already has many years of industry leadership on Nokia in this feature. Most of the average Nokia Smartphones (outside their special offerings like the 7710) have only small screens, as they are phone-centric devices. The viewable display areas are only in the range of 208 pixels across which is quite small for media playback. You can get much larger 4" screens from many Pocket PCs.