The Packet8 VoIP Service

Aspirations of Affordable and Easy-to-Use VoIP Service

Packet8 is another discount long distance / VoIP service provider. With very reasonable rates of $20 per month, you get unlimited long distance throughout the US and Canada, including Alaska and Puerto Rico. Packet8 has a few special extras that might set them apart from other VoIP service providers. The provider has a complete line of residential and business plans so there is certain to a plan that meets your needs. Packet8 has a wide variety of hardware available if you’re new to VoIP. You’ll definitely need to buy some stuff with your conversion to internet telephony so you might as well try to get a bargain out of the service provider while you’re at it.

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On Packet8’s website you’ll find a range of plans with hardware available at a discount, which should make for a pretty good deal for first time VoIPers. The video phone is particularly cool, but will cost you $299 for two video IP phones when you sign up for a two year, $20 a month contract. The trouble with the unlimited plan is that video phone services aren’t always available. For $20 a month you get unlimited video phone calling worldwide, but audio only across North America. If this plan seems a bit confusing you’re not alone. If you have questions, you’ll also find it’s difficult to contact anyone at Packet8 over the phone - there are no “call us for more information" phone numbers readily available on the website.

The idea of buying two phones may seem strange. However, you have to scratch beneath the surface of some of the plans to discover the benefits. For example, Packet8 to Packet8 calls, which are between two subscribing parties, are free even if you subscribe to a bill-per-minute service. Owning a pair of digital IP phones from Packet8 might be a convenience if travel a lot. All you need is a hotel room with a high speed Internet connection and you can call your family for free.

What sets Packet8 apart from the rest of the herd?

Packet8 seems to have done everything to nurture an online community. The CEO of the company has his own blog where he talks about matters that relate to the business. Obviously the blog assumes a pro-Packet8 posture, but it’s an interesting gesture that you only see in a 21st century business model. Moreover, the message boards are convenient for getting advice from other Packet8 subscribers.