Trying Out Your New Cell Phone

Sizing up your new cell phone

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You've taken pains to find the best plan from the best service provider for your individual circumstance. You've also got a good idea of the style and price range you're looking for. Along the way you've determined the kinds of interesting features that exist in a cell phone and which are most important to you.

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Look at the Phone

First pick up the phone and look at the screen and buttons. You'll need to see both parts of the phone on a bright sunny afternoon outdoors and in a darkened restaurant. Hopefully your darkened environment won't be a movie theater where your phone should be kept off. Can you see how much charge you have left? Can you see signal strength? These are seen at a glance on any decent quality phone.

The buttons should be clearly accessible to your fingertips and navigated with one hand. Redialing the last number dialed with the press of a button is a convenient feature. Voice dialing is a convenient feature that allows you to dial out by simply speaking the name of a contact into your phone. All phones should include a vibrating alert - use it.

Sizing up your new cell phone


A headset jack is also called a 2.5 mm jack suitable for a wide array of headsets. A volume control located on the side of the phone will make it easier to adjust when you're wearing an earpiece. Even better than a headphone jack is Bluetooth wireless technology which is found on medium priced phones. A and voice recognition dialing means you can drive and talk at the same time without taking your eyes off the road.

Many states are following anti-cell phone and driving laws. So far it's already illegal in four states: Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and the District of Columbia. Some cities have their own anti cell phone / driving laws as well. Just don't do it! It's an unsafe practice to you and anyone on the road. Evidence suggests that even hands free devices don't reduce the risk of an accident while talking on the phone.

All Sales Final

Ensure you have some sort of return policy if you don't like the phone. It's not always easy to tell if the phone is completely comfortable until you've given it a test run for a few days. When signing up for a wireless service you're not just buying a phone, you're becoming a client. Know how the retailer will handle a request to swap out phones. And about the extended warranty they'll try to sell on your cell - don't bother. Insurance policies provided by the carriers charge you a deductible for phone replacement. Generally speaking it's not worthwhile for the incidents of failure in a phone during its lifespan. If the phone is lost or stolen some policies will have you filling out a police report before replacing your new phone with a refurbished phone.