Philips VoIP Videophone

Philips Videophone

Bringing Wi-Fi and VoIP Together in a Videophone

Philips rose to the challenge and developed a high-quality cordless videophone with a sleek look that rivals the most stylish cell phones. The VP5500 is a full IP phone, so it will connect directly to your broadband internet connection. So far this is no different than any other IP phone on the market today. However, what differentiates the VP5500 from other phones is its ability to connect to a wireless router using 802.11 b Wi-Fi with the Linux operating system. This phone provides a true wireless solution. The freedom of wireless and the sleek styling means it’s only the size of most cordless phone handhelds.

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The VP5500 was designed to be easy to use. As a video phone, you can easily choose to make a call with voice and video or just voice alone. The live video call will be made through the handset’s integrated VGA video camera. Presenting the user with versatile simplicity, the video camera can be rotated 240 degrees so the user can actually see what they’re filming on the LCD display. The large high resolution color display adds a dimension of fun to making a digital call with live images. The phone’s camera has a zoom feature so it can zoom in and capture still images and transmit them during a live phone conversation.

Unfortunately for us in North America, the phone has thus far only been announced for Philip’s customers in the Netherlands. If it’s a hit you can probably expect similar offerings to arrive in North America soon. The VP5500 was announced in September, 2005, but will not be introduced to the Netherlands markets until late 2006. As usual, we in North America are slightly behind the curve on some of the cool communications technologies. This one has an interesting twist with the 240-degree video camera and zoom features. You can switch the handset to its speakerphone option and use the camera to pan through your environment. As long as you’re connected via Wi-Fi, you have total freedom and your stream of data is being sent off live to a video enabled telephone receiver.

This will make for an interesting twist to calling home from a Wi-Fi Internet Café in the Netherlands. Calling your friends and family back home in North America from a Dutch Café will have never been so fun