The Speakeasy VoIP Service

Broadband Voice/Data Company Goes VoIP

Speakeasy started life back in the early 90s as one of the world’s first Internet Cafés in Seattle, Washington. Since then it has grown into a nationwide ISP offering communications services to its customers. Speakeasy has added VoIP to its list of services. VoIP, from Speakeasy, might be the most comprehensive means of getting the IP-to-voice relay available in North America. By offering its customer’s internet access as well as internet voice communication services, Speakeasy can offer unparalleled quality control. Whether you’re a large business or an individual, Speakeasy can tailor its services to you. Offering fully bonded T1 to DSL and connectivity options like OneLink, you can choose from an array of integrated services.

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With a large network of their own, Speakeasy is a strong choice for consumers. If it seems like a corny platitude to receive assurance that a company has been around since 1994, consider the difficulties encountered by Vonage. Its sudden growth of stratospheric proportions resulted in many unsatisfied customers because of the poor service many customers felt they received. Although Vonage has addressed its customer service problems, its reputation has never completely recovered. Speakeasy has its own network giving them an edge as a total communications service provider.

What about Speakeasy’s VoIP services?

VoIP is offered to Speakeasy’s DSL customers. If you don’t have the company’s DSL you can’t get Speakeasy's VoIP service to go along with your Cable Internet access. However, as part of a complete package that includes DSL and VoIP, you don’t need an active phone line because you are getting everything through Speakeasy’s own fiber-optic network. Using a private network provides greater security and should give you more reliable service and better sounding voice communications as well.

Getting both the DSL and VoIP services in a bundle goes for $83.90 per month. The basic rate for Speakeasy’s unlimited internet access is a bit higher than the average at $27. It’s a bit higher than average, but for some it might be a small price to pay for excellent customer service and a reliable line.

The Speakeasy website seems to pride itself on providing great service to its customers.’s own Gizmo Guy called the 800 number during prime business hours out west just to see how long it would take and learn a little more about the nature of their closed network. Gizmo Guy got through to a live customer-service representative in less than two minutes, this is impressive.