Sunrocket VoIP Service

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Formed in 2004, SunRocket is one of the newest and fastest growing VoIP services. Offering a unique mix of services and rates, SunRocket looks like a professional service that aims to offer a positive customer-service experience. Reading through SunRocket’s information, you’ll get the impression that they want to be the alternative for anyone who has ever dealt with poor customer service and hidden fees and elongated contracts. SunRocket does not require a contact. You can quit at any time and they have a fairly comprehensive list of sign up offers including promotional features.

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One of the most interesting features offered by SunRocket is the $199 fee for a year of unlimited long distance service across the US and Canada. If you’re willing to pay the up-front fee, this is the equivalent of a $17 a month charge making it one of the best values in VoIP. With SunRocket’s commitment to no added charges, fees, or costs, this might truly be the best deal in Internet telephony.

The reviews are in! SunRocket has received rave reviews from the printed media, blogosphere and from internet users alike. People appreciate the policy of no setup or deactivation fees or hidden charges. Customers are pleased with the little extras offered by SunRocket, such as the free cordless phone on sign up and, if you’re in customer for a year, you get a second phone number at no extra charge.

The features and prices offered by SunRocket are competitive and the quality of SunRocket’s telephony services is second to none. Although SunRocket has received strong reviews, there have been reports of poor customer service, hold times of over an hour, and long waits for a refund for costs of service. It’s difficult to verify every issue; these could just be the growing pains of a service provider that is on the move quickly. It seems that customer service is first to suffer when a company grows up too fast.