7-8" tablets

Smart Alternative to Large Tablets

When tablets first hit the marketplace, they were cumbersome rectangles and squares that often measured 10 inches across. Some consumers were not sold on this large electronic addition to the crowded smartphone and MP3 player market. Small tablets that range between 7 and 8 inches wide are making great strides into consumer's hearts by adding key features.

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Feeling Good

Because of their small size, 7 to 8 inch tablets feel like you are holding a good book. This concept makes these devices perfect for downloading books. The pages fit nicely on the screen to simulate a paperback novel. Magazines do not translate as well as books, but you quickly adjust the zoom and page shape on the tablet to quickly make them readable.

Internet Connection

To download those books through the Internet, each tablet offers different connection capabilities. Some models only allow Wi-Fi (wireless Internet) access to keep the sticker price low. Other high-end models install components for both Wi-Fi and cellular connections. For example, you are traveling to an area without Wi-Fi, all you need to browse the web is to just simply enable cellular access. Cellular use does require a separate monthly service, making this tablet choice more expensive.

Functionality in Your Hands

Every tablet has a different software configuration to access Internet applications, or apps. Before you purchase a 7 to 8 inch tablet, check on the app availability. If you want to stream movies or music, for example, look for your favorite app and download it through the tablet. Look at other tablets if your desired apps are not available on a particular model.

Although it is not a laptop, many tablets have printing capabilities. Usually connected through Wi-Fi, press on the tablet's print icon to test the print function. You may want to print a book page or other information periodically.

Are There Ports?

Flash drives use USB ports to move data quickly from one device to another. Inspect the tablet's edges for any ports. Each model has a different design. To keep the product sleek, some manufacturers do not offer ports. It also reduces the product's cost at the retail level. For the best functionality, select a tablet with at least one or two ports.

Small tablets give you more flexibility during travel, allowing you to place them in a bag instead of hauling them like a laptop in a briefcase. Try a 7 to 8 inch tablet for a few minutes. Touching the screen and moving through the software gives you a better feel for the product.