9.7-10.1" tablets

Bigger is Definitely Better with These New Releases

The Xperia and Vivo 9.7-10.1" tablets offer a rich, powerful and lightweight alternative to laptops without sacrificing the benefits of mobile technology. Tablets have come a long way in the last couple of years, and units with large displays are not always heavy items that are hungry for power.

Windows or Android OS

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The Xperia Tablet Z is a perfect example of a tablet that is designed with practicality and style in mind. It weighs less than 500g, comes loaded with a solid processor and has a respectable battery life. It boasts an automatic color control display that adjusts contrast in real-time, reduces audio distortion when playing streaming videos and is optimized for both indoor and outdoor viewing.

Vivo is another strong contender in the race to attract customers who are looking for a user-friendly tablet with a big screen. It is moderately priced, provides a high quality camera that includes an optimized LED flash system and is optimized for users who want to enhance their online experience.

The Vivo is built on the Windows 8 operating system, and this severely limits its penetration into the mainstream tablet market. It is billed to be durable, lightweight and fast, but it does not promise anything substantially new or revolutionary. Loyal Windows 8 users will definitely appreciate its slim design, powerful graphics and responsive touchscreen.

Vivo offers little else to entice fans of the Android OS to make the switch to windows, but the models that fall into the 9.7-10.1" category are generally well received as being moderately priced and reliable.

Paying More Gives You More

Big screen tablets that are built around the Android OS are still the most popular on the market today, and Sony is proving to be one of the most innovative producers of new products. They are not cheap, but consumers can expect good value, better technology and more creature comforts.

Shop Carefully for Your New Tablet

These are examples of premium tablets with large displays and slim designs, but there are many other alternatives out there to choose from if you don't mind more bulk and less power. The good news is that prices are significantly lower than they were last year, and more options are available to consider.

Xperia and Vivo are products that exceed most expectations, but they are also the exception to the rule when it comes to big screen devices.

Battery life, display quality and processing speed are the three most important things to consider when purchasing a tablet. Memory, weight, design and other features are all secondary. Make sure to check specifications before deciding on a new tablet in order to avoid disappointment down the line.