Android Tablet Deals

Android Tablet Deals

With the holiday season soon approaching, it's time for consumers to hit the shops to find the perfect gift for their loved ones or staff members, preferably for a cheap deal. For many people, the electronics department is where the head first. A tablet makes a good gift for the avid reader, people who like to play video games and films buffs alike, but which is the best tablet to buy?

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All About Android Tablets

There are more tablet manufacturers using the Android OS than there are using the Windows OS. For example, Samsung's Galaxy Tab line offers both 7-inch and 10-inch devices, some with 4G LTE connectivity. Samsung makes some of the best Android tablets on the market, and the company frequently releases new models with improved features. There are now three versions, with the original two tablets available at cheap prices for shoppers with a budget. The Galaxy Tab 3 offers the ability to have two apps open at once with a feature similar to Snap on Windows 7, and Kies is Samsung's tool for transferring content from tablet to PC and wirelessly syncing content to multiple devices.

On the other hand, mobile devices produced by Motorola, Asus, and Acer come with a lower price tag for shoppers who might not be sure how much they want to spend on a tablet.

Every Android tablet plays nicely with Google apps and services such as Play Music, movies and TV. Front cameras on these tablets facilitate video chatting, while Bluetooth capability makes these devices compatible with Bluetooth keyboards and other accessories, including headsets. Most tablets have memory card slots, which allow the user to expand memory to add more apps, music and movies, among other content.

Android Tablet Availability

Because so many manufacturers make Android devices and make updates to their existing models, retailers frequently have Android tablet sales. Buyback programs also make it more affordable to own an Android tablet than other types of tablets. Furthermore, Android tablet PCs are available in low-end to high-end range. Cell customers may be able to get a tablet added to their accounts for a discounted price, and this allows them to connect wherever there's an active Wi-Fi or network connection.

However, shoppers can buy tablets from any retailer. Even Amazon and Barnes and Nobile use the Android operating system as a foundation for their e-readers, which have become increasingly tablet-like.