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Put a Smile on Their Face with a Tablet This Holiday Season

Now that Microsoft has revealed the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2, consumers will be able to get cheap Windows tablet deals when retailers lower the price of the original Surface and the Surface RT tablet. These new tablets also come with the announcement of Windows 8.1, an upgrade to the operating system that will now enable Windows users to control their computer. This makes the tablet experience more like the experience that PC users have become accustomed to with previous versions of Windows and those who don't enjoy the Metro UI of Windows 8.

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However, Surface 2 may not be the best Windows tablet for all consumers. The new tablet is smaller than the original Surface, and it now boasts a 1080p display for media lovers who want to enjoy high-definition content on their tablets. The CPU in the new tablet uses a CPU based on the Nvidia Tegra 4. The front camera is 3.5MP, while the tablet boasts a 5MP camera on the back. Tablet users will rejoice that the device is equipped with full USB 3.0 ports, which makes it compatible with flash drives and other peripherals that aren't compatible with tablets by other manufacturers. The company also hopes to differentiate the Surface line from other manufacturers by adding the Surface logo.

Microsoft has been promoting the new accessories with hopes of capturing different audiences. For example, the Touch Cover 2 has backlit keys, while the Tap Cover provides haptic feedback that users prefer. In addition to those covers, consumers can choose from the Power Cover to extend battery life of the tablet. The Music cover is an interesting design feature, and Microsoft hopes to lure aspiring DJs to the Surface with it. The cover enables users to mix tracks by sliding their fingers across the cover.

Microsoft isn't the only manufacturer in the game, though. With an update to the operating system, manufacturers such as Asus, Acer and Lenovo may be updating their tablet offerings to consumers who want to pick and choose features without breaking the bank. Acer's Iconia W is compatible with a keyboard and stand and includes and SD card, so that users will never run out of room. Lenovo's Lynx tablet is also keyboard compatible, comes with an IPS display and even enables users to interface with microHDMI. The Lynx also has dual surround sound speakers.