Verizon VoiceWing VoIP Service

Verizon Enters 'Net Phone Biz

Verizon is one of the largest telecom companies in North America. It was one of the "baby bell" companies that formed after the 1982 anti-trust suit broke up AT&T. Based out of New York, Verizon was what emerged after Bell Atlantic acquired GTE and NyNex.

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As one of the most recognized names in telecommunications, this is no discount VoIP provider. Verizon’s VoIP service is called Verizon Voice Wing. Its unlimited nationwide VoIP calling service costs $30 a month. This price does not include the $40 setup fee, which will probably be waved because of the promotions Verizon consistently runs. Since Verizon is also a phone carrier, they can provide the DSL line that gives you Internet access for your VoIP service.

With Verizon Voice Wing all the accoutrements of standard PSTN telephony are offered: voice mail, caller ID, email forwarding and notification, as well as some internet specific features like call logging and click-to-dial and directory lookup.

Verizon is relatively new to the VoIP business. Having launched its Voice Wing in 2004 some considered its entry into the market a sign that VoIP services had truly gone main stream. For its premium price, you get a full line of telecom services with your VoIP and DSL connection. Since Verizon owns its own fiber-optic network, including the copper household connection that leads into your house, depending on where you live, Verizon can offer unsurpassed quality. A high quality VoIP network from providers like AT&T, Verizon, and Speakeasy will, in most cases, rival the audio quality of a telecom service. Like any VoIP service, you must remember that you’ll be isolated from access to 911 if you’re power goes out. A battery backup can remedy the problem if you can keep your modem and either IP phone or digital-to-analogue adaptor powered.

Like AT&T, Verizon has decided to embrace VoIP technology instead of trying to compete with it. The Internet, telephone, and even entertainment are the future of both business models that bring data lines into the households of America.