Vonage VoIP Services

Over a Million Subscribers Can’t be Wrong, Can They?

Vonage is a VoIP service provider that makes the lofty claim that they’re the most popular VoIP provider in North America. This privately held company was founded in 2001 and is based in Holmdel, NJ. Their large network boasts over a million subscribers who complete over 39 million calls a week. An impressive statistic is that they’ve served approximately 1.8 billion calls as of 1 Feburary 2006.

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Vonage services are available across most of North America, except for a few states and provinces. This VoIP provider offers the most comprehensive service of any VoIP service provider in North America. Vonage is very active in not only providing the service, but in teaming up to provide the hardware that makes VoIP even better.

At CES 2006 Vonage announced new 5.8 GHz cordless IP phone systems with Panasonic and Uniden. The advantage of an IP phone is that it will connect directly to the internet. You can actually connect the phone directly to a router and it will obtain an IP address. Like all true IP phones, you can use this system anywhere in the world, as long as you can find a high-speed internet connection.

Vonage provides a mid-priced service with an unlimited long-distance plan at $25. The Basic 500 Plan is a typical lower usage long distance VoIP service plan. With Vonage Basic 500, you get 500 minutes a month anytime to anywhere in the US and Canada. The plan sells for $17.49 and will bill you 3.9 cents per minute after the initial 500 are used. With both Vonage personal plans, you get an introductory first month free.

Vonages’ reputation for voice quality and reliability is outstanding. There have been some rumors of Vonage being understaffed in the support area. There are several negative online reviews of its service and lack of support. This could be attributed to a huge influx of customers in a relatively short period. Vonage is the number one provider and has experienced amazing growth.