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So, what are you searching for?

So, you've become acquainted with the basics in downloading and using Bit Torrent, but what kind of files are you in the market for? Now, keep in mind that in no way supports online piracy, so if you little cheapskates are going to soak up this knowledge for illegitimate purposes, you can click away now. Did that work? If not, here is a brief guide on the main file types you'll be looking for on Bit Torrent, and some personal guidance in your search for each.

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If you want to see the latest video from your favorite artist, you might just want to subscribe to MTV. A search by yours truly for "The Killers video" turned up only software tools, like the latest version of Windows Media Player. Bit Torrent's official site, or its many knock-offs, are much better for providing whole albums of artists, without any visuals. Handy, especially if you think copying to an MP3 player from the compact disc you own is too much of a hassle. But, do keep in mind that it can be especially difficult to find anyone but a mainstream artist here. We're not sure anyone else will share your love affair with German banjo hymns. The best way to get things done through the Torrent search tool is to enter the artist name, and not the song. Peruse until you find your target.

For many more options, you'll want to work outside the box by searching for some alternative databases, like or We can help you with this brave new world in our guide to external torrents.


Bit is not the place to find German banjo hymns, unfortunately
How much time do you have? For the most part, movies are very large in size -- think Andre the Giant, in file-form. But, this is the wonder about Bit Torrent – unlike the old days, when you'd download a massive file through a 28.8 modem with only the hope and prayer of actually receiving a playable file, Bit Torrent offers a stable network download for those extremely long ventures. You can be rest assured that those downloads will work once they reach your hard drive in a day or so.


Some consider software the meat and potatoes of Bit Torrent. For those fruity vegetarians out there, it's the protocol's tofu and celery. Search for most anything and you're likely to be offered a software application. Still, if you're interested in a game or an important application like Moviemaker 2.0, Bit Torrent is the place to look.