Concluding Notes

Some final thoughts on Torrents

Tip: Mama said to eat what’s put in front of you, so try a Torrent’s suggested (internal) link

If you've followed us in this guide from the beginning, you might be able to tell that we've expanded our own knowledge of the Bit Torrent universe alongside you. Everyday new sites are introduced, and everyday the files themselves seem to dictate the best place to go looking for them. Like a good (or bad) restaurant, many of the Torrent sites have just one chance, one initial impression, to win over the passing downloader.

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In many cases, the highest-rated sites aren't necessarily the best. We discovered that MiniNova and Isohunt were hardly remarkable, and that the lesser known provided remarkably dependable downloads through reliable links. For those of you with some experience in peer-to-peer downloading, it isn't entirely surprising to hear that the process can be hit and miss. Perhaps this is because of something greater than simply Bit Torrents or file sharing. Perhaps this is a revealing facet of technology as a whole.

Regardless, there's a lot to learn in searching for Torrents. If you missed some of our more important tips, here's a summary.

Watch your links

Sure, it helps every site if you click on sponsored links, or any links for that matter. But make sure you know the difference between files and links. That's pretty basic stuff, but some sites, like the official page, make it their business (literally) to confuse you. Often the sponsored links are clearer than the search results, so despite the temptation, make sure you know what you're clicking.

Google for Torrents

Don't merely type in the web address. By Googling the Torrent name, the description below the site – your final destination – often gives you reasonable alternatives. For example, a search for the popular "TorrentSpy" gave us a few helpful additional links, including the latest downloads and an advanced search for finding specific requests.

Tip! Try the home page suggestions

They wouldn't be there unless the Torrents thought they were worth the added attention. Many sites, especially, make good use of the home page, and will place some of the most reliable stuff there. So, take a sec and scope out what's being handed to you. Like Mama said, you'll eat what's in front of you before eating dessert.