Downloading Bit Torrent

Beginning a perilous journey into the peer-to-peer underground – Get ‘er done

Granted, even a tech-savvy individual can find themselves lost when learning to use something as massive and influential as Bit Torrent. It can be an intimidating and difficult experience.

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First, you'll want to load up the Bit Torrent site. If you can't do this, I just may have to break our little hand-holding session and smack you. Come on, this is basic web stuff.

Although the Bit Torrent site can be confusing and contains a lot of mumbo jumbo, the quickest path to downloading the file is through clicking on "Get Bit Torrent" in the top right corner. In our experiences, this is the last spot anyone clicks before they get frustrated and punch the closing "X", so it's no doubt there's good reason Bram and the boys placed their most important link up there.

The next screen depends on your operating system. It really isn't that difficult: Trendy McTrendersons should click on the "Mac OS X" download, while most people will be entering the "Windows, latest release" link. For those true geeks – and none of you really need this guide – there's also a link for Linux users.

Most users will need the Windows download. Once you click, you'll be forwarded to CNET's "". Like Bit Torrent's opening page, this site can be a bit confusing for amateur browsers. Simply keep on task and click the "Download Now" icon in either the top left or lower middle part of the page.

From there, it's nothing you (probably) haven't seen before. Simply save the file to a place you can find, if necessary. It doesn't really matter, however, since you'll have the option of running the program once it completes the compressed download. When that's done, run the program and watch as Bit Torrent attaches itself to your computer forever.

Although Bit Torrent is a bit difficult with its "neglecting of the uninstall" in the Windows start menu, there is an option in the Bit Torrent folder. The whereabouts of that depend on the location you installed the program, but by default this is C:\Program Files.

So, now you've got Bit Torrent. You've had a big day!